Training Opportunities

MC Legal Lab delivers training workshops to support the continuous learning of your organization’s leaders by providing practical skills to further mitigate and manage legal risk to your public or private sector organization. Like you, we value results.

Exploring the Spectrum provides training and education for professionals, agencies, and service providers who support Autistic individuals. Our training and education program is grounded in decades of front-line service experience. The program draws from a

Learn How to Train your Brain for Weight Loss & Achieve Optimal Health, Root Causes of Obesity, How Brain Health, Gut Health, Mental Health & Weight go together - Structure and Function of our Gastrointestinal System - Learn how to use Self-Havening (a psycho-sensory technique proven by neuroscience) to help stress, anxiety, cravings and emotional eating - mindset, nutrition, diet, exercise

Get P?ractical Instructions to Calm Stress, Worries and Anxiety and Feel Better Overall with this Novel Psycho-Sensory Technique, Proven by Neuroscience. Learn Self-Havening - to manage your Brain Health and Mental Health during stressful times and put yourself in your special place, your haven of peace, whenever you need it most. You will learn the basics of a novel psycho-sensory technique called Self-Havening. Self-Havening is a self-help stress management technique where we teach the brain to relax.

A leadership coaching program can help your managers be more effective. This program makes it easy for human resources to design and launch an impactful coaching program quickly that can result in: Increased Leadership Effectiveness Increased Individual/Team Productivity Increased Employee Satisfaction Reduced Employee Turnover Reduced Workplace Conflict

Halifax Public Libraries cardholders have free access to Pick from more than 4,000 video tutorials taught by industry experts on a wide range of topics including business, photography, graphic design, project management, animation, audio and music production, web design, marketing, job interview preparation, public speaking, and much more. Access via web or app. Watch our tutorial to get started. Don't have a library card? Sign up for free today at